ATEK Trans is engaged in the transportation of premium, secret and retro cars, as well as sports cars and super cars. For the transportation of such vehicles there are special requirements. This first of all means insurance of safety, security, visual inaccessibility and delicacy of the vehicles transported. It is not without reason that the slogan of our company is “CAREFUL TRANSPORTATION OF CARS”. We use MAN trucks and enclosed car transporting semi-trailers from leading European manufacturers ROLFO and KÄSSBOHRER.

  • Own modern fleet of specialized enclosed car transporters.
  • Highly skilled drivers.
  • Optimum response and delivery time.
  • Professional experts of the logistics department.
  • Liability carrier and cargo insurance.
  • Real market prices.
All this will help you save your time and money.

About us

ATEK TRANS EU OU, established in 2016 is a steadily growing Estonian company offering services on transportation of premium class vehicles in enclosed car transporters. The company was built on the competence and production platform of ATEK Trans LLC, a leading Russian company in the same service field in Russia and former USSR states.

At the outset of its activity the newly founded Estonian entity could successfully take the advantage of many years of proven experience, high professionalism and all service competences of its Russian founder. Efficiently entering its highly-specialized market segment ATEK TRANS EU OU quickly gained positions of a skilled and reliable carrier performing functions of an augmenting European carrier for its Russian sister company taking the role of a competent subcontractor for largest European customers – carriers of similar class cars on the basis of long-term agreements.

Satisfaction of customer’s demands at the highest quality level is the chief principle of the company activity. Main production factors contributing to this to their full extent comprise: new and most up-to-date equipment consisting of MAN trucks and enclosed car transporting semi-trailers manufactured by ROLFO and KÄSSBOHRER, high and long proven professionalism of diplomaed staff of all company divisions inclusive of those who are responsible for working with customers as well as those who carry out selection of drivers and are in charge of the appropriate condition of the fleet. Another considerable competitive advantage of the company and its founders is the availability of adequate financial resources which allows to acquire new equipment only for own funds without diversion of cash for loan servicing.

The company mission is to ensure compliance of the rendered service of the car transportation with the highest European quality standards in order to create our partners’ confidence in our high professionalism and their understanding that we are their most preferred partner for long-term relationships.

Our fleet


A specific feature of car transporting trailers of the Italian manufacturer ROLFO is that in addition to the universally transformable hydraulic platforms, there is a function of lifting the roof. This function is necessary, for example, with the most complex loading of six LAMBORGHINI, including such models as URUS and AVENTADOR. In 2019 ROLFO has developed and produced two closed car transporting trailers of the AURIGA DELUXE 122 model equipped with automatic doors. Their operation, as well as operation of platforms, is carried out through the remote control. ROLFO manufactured one of these trailers by request of ATEK Trans.

Our fleet


Austrian manufacturer KÄSSBOHRER produces, among other things, closed car transporting trailers, which are used by our company. The functionality of the KÄSSBOHRER equipment is not inferior to the ROLFO, while having a fundamental difference. For the transportation of representative and exclusive cars, the length of which often exceeds the standard parameters, KÄSSBOHRER engineers have found an outstanding solution. The trailer is designed in such a way that, if necessary, the rear part can be extended by more than 1.5 meters. This option allows you to transport vehicles such as ROLLS-ROYCE, BENTLEY and long versions of other car makers.

Highly skilled and professional drivers

The drivers of the company have such qualities as: diligence, responsibility, responsiveness, the ability to anticipate the development of the situation and make the right decision in time, concentration and coordination of movements, psychological stability. The company has its own training base in which drivers quarterly undergo retraining and training related to working on the installation of the car transporter and rolling stock management, improve their skills in loading and unloading of customers’ cars, study the technical characteristics of the vehicles and rolling stock being transported. They regularly pass the test of knowledge of traffic rules and requirements of the AETR agreement, the rules of processing and filling in of accompanying documentation.

Our partners

During it’s several years of market presence ATEK TRANS EU OU has established itself as a reliable carrier cooperating amongst other customers with Russian offices of the largest automobile factories, large forwarding companies, European partners – carriers of similar class cars.

We are proud of the confidence our partners extend to us and are always open for cooperation.

Contact information:

Reg.Code: 12954259, KMKR: EE101865403
A.Puškini 25-27,
20303 Narva, Estonia.
+372 5555 4691
+7812 327 6131
+7952 378 9858
+7953 140 4740